Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cube U20GT DualCore 9.7" Gorilla Glass IPS Tablet

Most of us might already knew what a Corning Gorilla Glass is, but for the sake of some fellow readers; the Corning Gorilla Glass is a glass screen technology that gives an incredible durability that exceeds the capability of an ordinary glass screen without sacrificing the thinness. It is almost impossible to scratch or even break a Gorilla Glass due to its exceptional hardness, and that is the main reason why most expensive brands of Smartphones and Tablets are built with it to give their consumers a total peace of mind on using their products on a rough environment like accidental drop and etc.

Cheap Tablets fans doesn't need to worry or envy anymore as Cube U20GT DualCore 9.7" Tablet is now also built with the famous Corning Gorilla Glass screen with IPS screen which makes the Tablet not only durable but also view-able in almost all tilt-angles without compromising image quality. And it isn't done yet, Cube U20GT also offers stunning performance of the Rockchip RK3066 chipset which has a 1.6GHz of DualCore processor and 250MHz of QuadCore graphics. A 1GB of RAM and 16GB of Storage was also included to prevent bottleneck on extensive tasks/apps. The early version of Cube U20GT will come with a pre-installed Android OS 4.0.4 IceCreamSandwich. A not so good news but I expect JellyBean 4.1 sooner, either Official or Custom-mod. Cube have a decent Community support, it may not take long for it to adapt to the most exciting Android OS soon.

You can get Cube U20GT DualCore 9.7" Gorilla Glass IPS Tablet at Pandawill.com for as low as US$198.99 including a world-wide free shipping. They offer Buyer Protection for PayPal and some Credit Cards users as-well. Upon purchase confirmation, they test the full functionality of the Tablet before sending the package through international couriers like Fedex for free.

You can view some early actual photos of Cube U20GT DualCore 9.7" Gorilla Glass IPS Tablet


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